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I was flicking through the 'Write Sex Right' Website this at the weekend and it has great articles for people just starting out, goodness I wish I had known about them 2 months ago so I could of had everything locked, loaded and ready to go for the release.

Advice for setting up at newsletter

Using Beta Readers - Imperative for me next time as one or two little holes in the plot slipped through this time round.

Best Blog Hops for Erotic Authors - Great information of now to increase your visibility and I need to try to do more of this.


Blog traffic

Promo Release Checklsit

... That's just the tip iceberg, there was so much more goodstuff and I just want to absorb it like a sponge. BIG shout out to Renee Rose for all her controbutions, awsome stuff.

Hope you all found it as useful as I did :D

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