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To Sass Or Not To Sass?

Happy Saturday!

It's been a shitty week so lets kick start this weekend with some naughtiness (rubbing hands together gleefully). I've finally got round to participating in the Sats Spank blog hop. This is terribly over due (apparently I don't self promote enough ... but that's another story) and I've been meaning to try this since ... well since forever. But I'm here and that's the important thing.

Ever wondered what happens when you deliberately push someone's buttons and sass off to the wrong person? Aideen certainly did and wasn't in a hurry to repeat the mistake as she comes off the worst for locking horns with a stubborn cowboy. Enjoy a snippet from Mustang Wild.


" I hissed as the switch smartly connected in the crease where buttock met thigh, snapping me rudely back to reality as heat seared along the fine line. I so had a screw loose to think this turned me on even for a second. "Like you said, Tom has a big mouth and apparently he has never seen you act up half as much as when you're in my presence." "I'd sass and square up to any jackass," I spat. "You're nothing special." "Do tell." Bryce sounded cool and contained. It made my blood boil and I made a primal sound of frustration deep in the back on my throat. "I swear, when you let me up I'm going to take that switch and jam it up your ass." "


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