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There is a little bit of naughtiness inside us all...



Hello, you appear to have stumbled across my little corner of the internet. If you didn’t take a wrong left turn on the information high way – welcome! I write romance stories with a dash a kink – western, fantasy and historical. Come on in, have a nosey and let’s see what trouble we can get into together.

Mustang Wild

Amazon Review

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Wild Ride

'This is a great book that allows the characters to develop into complex but real people that has you cheering for Bryce who refuses to repeat the past and Aideen to demands her future. This may be the first book I have read by Ms. Burrelli but I sure hope it will not be the last!'

My Genres

Historical Romance

Fantasy Romance

Contemporary Western


Recent Releases

Recent Releases

Troubled Waters.jpg

Troubled Waters

No one dares defy the Black Scot - except his own wife!

Years ago Marie disappeared without a trace and Jack has searched for her ever since.
Now a twist of fate brings them together, and this time she is not getting away.

Nothing will stand between Jack and the answers he seeks.
But Marie is not the same woman that Jack remembers and carries the scars to prove it.

Hardened, wilful, she guards her secrets fiercely.
They cross words and swords against the backdrop of the high seas. 
It’s time to remind Marie that a pirate never parts with his treasure



Bjorn is one of nine powerfully seductive romances in the 'Viking Surrender' series. 

Delivered into Viking hands, claimed and conquered, each bride must accept that she belongs to her new master. But, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?


A proud shield-maiden vowing never to be possessed by any man. 
A ruthless Viking warrior swearing to tame the bold beauty. 
A battle of wills and consuming desire. 
But who will conquer who?​



Hidden Embers Cover.jpg

Hidden Embers

The heart can freeze or it can burn, the question is which one?

When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. It's a pity they didn’t care to bless anything else.


The Empress of the Throne of Flames is assassinated. Acting as a decoy to protect the next Empress, the undervalued Princess Nymira flees to the north.


It is a mission Mira cannot fail  and the journey is perilous. 

The once sheltered princess finds herself rescued by the Ice Lord, Zorren. 

The leader of the Iceari, the natural enemy to Firelanders.


The Ice Lord is a ruthless leader and Mira fights the attraction that blazes between them. After all, fire and ice don’t mix. Or do they?


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