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Mustang Wild Snippet

One week since P-day and I'm slightly hooked on checking for reviews. As in, I check the first time I wake up, before I go to bed and a hundred times in between during the day. So if you read it please review it - pretty, pretty, pretty please :D

Any way time for a cheeky snippet - enjoy!

"You know what, I've decided to enter the bull riding event and I'll send you a front row ticket." That did it. A man that big should not be able to move that fast but he managed. An arm of iron lifted me off the ground and pinned me against his hip. My ass pointed straight up in the air. He carried me, bringing his hand smartly down on my jeans shaking the dust off. Bryce paused and I twisted around to see what for. Great, he decided to pick up a switch. He pushed me over the rock, tugged my pants round my ankles and leaned over my back to keep me pinned. To add insult to injury, he plucked my knife from my sheath and started to shave it smooth. My own knife for Christ's sake. "You want to call me on it, Aidie, that's fine but don't forget you might get the lickin' you've been asking for." "I'm not asking for this!" I snarled wanting to kick and lash out at him but my jeans were wrapped too tight and caged me in. My buttocks twitched as he unexpectedly tapped the end of the switch against my left cheek. Tap, tap, tap. It moved its way down to the back of my thigh. Nothing. I waited a tense heartbeat, when it gently tapped the inside of my thigh I jumped out of my skin. I arched my back trying to buck but his hand kept me down. Cool air hit me between my legs as they snapped apart, the tingling causing my stomach to flutter. My inner muscles clenched and unclenched. The widening of my eyes had nothing to do with the first stroke as it had yet to land. I was getting turned on. The cool breeze licked every forbidden inch of my skin, the warmth of his hand on my back and the sun, it was an overload of sensation and I had revelled in the anticipation of the tapping. "Sure you have." I hissed as the switch smartly connected in the crease where buttock met thigh. It snapped me rudely back to reality as heat seared along the fine line. I so had a screw loose to think this turned me on even for a second.


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