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Warning : Bodices will be ripped!

Happy New Year to you all!

To kick off the 2020 I have another box set ready to be devoured, 17 sizzling tales of brigands and buccaneers, including my own tale of Troubled Waters. Go ahead, take a peek...

What's a lady to do when she's boarded by ruthless brigands and barbarous buccaneers, kidnapped on the lawless High Seas? Stripped to the skin by piercing eyes. Captive and claimed by rough, strong hands. She knows it's forbidden but how can she resist... a pirate's pleasure. Prepare for hair-raising shenanigans. Pirates make their own rules. Discover seventeen wicked historical romances, in 'Pirates, Passion and Plunder' Enter if you dare...

Troubled Waters

No one dares defy the Black Scot - except his own wife!

His anger turned to ice water in his veins. “Do you want to pull the trigger, sweeting?” he asked, his voice deceptively soft.

“Get out, Jack, I mean it.” Her grey eyes flashed in the ill-lit cabin, her face half concealed in darkness.

“I’m not leaving, Marie.” He pushed off from the door and stalked towards her, and to her credit, she didn’t retreat. Marie was many things, but she had never lacked courage.

“I’ll shoot you!”

Was it just his imagination or did her voice waver ever so slightly?

“It’s the only way you’ll stop me,” he warned, closing the distance, and the muzzle pressed into his chest.

Her hand shook, and for a moment she just stared wide-eyed at him. He dared her to pull the trigger. With a speed that took her breath away, he latched his hand on her wrist in a brutal grip and swiftly disarmed her. Marie retreated, rubbing her wrist, and Jack made safe the pistol, surprised.

“No shot, Marie?”

Her mouth whitened in a mutinous line, and his temper cooled a fraction, him realising she had not meant him harm, had just been trying to frighten him into an early grave.

“You’re losing your touch, sweeting.”

Now the little witch was grinding her teeth. “Leave…me…alone.”

Jack did no such thing.

He towered over her, leaning into her space, and sucked all the air out of her lungs and replied to her in kind. “Not…going…to…happen.”

Her finely boned face turned up to him. Her pupils dilated, and her breathing shallowed, then a shadow crossed her face, and she shied away.

“We have several things to discuss.”

“Like what?” she snapped.

“Like where the hell have you been?” he demanded, more harshly than he intended. “Why did you disappear?”

“Go to hell!” she snarled, her arms wrapped tightly about herself. Anger and righteous feminine fury poured off her in waves. If she were a cat, her back would be arched, her claws bared, and her fur bristling.

“I mean it, Marie!” he thundered, and she flinched from the roar but tilted her chin in defiance.

“Do not raise your voice at me, Jack, I am not one of your crew!” she blasted back in his face.

“No, you are my wife,” he spat in return. Breathing hard, Jack shook his head, fighting to rein in his own mounting temper. There would be no talking to her in this mood, she would just dig her heels in.

Reaching for patience he didn’t feel, he tried a different tack. “You struck me in front of the crew,” he ground out steadily, holding her gaze until she was forced to look away, her cheeks stained with a pink flush. “You know better.”

The guilty gesture was fleeting and disappeared when Marie lifted her chin and shook her hair off her face. “You deserved it,” she growled, edging away from him and around the table.

Jack bit back a chuckle—as if putting that bit of driftwood between them would save her. He followed, his movements slow and leisurely, reminiscent of a jaguar on the prowl, the muscles of his thighs braced to pounce. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on me, Jack Hunter,” she warned, her delicate nostrils flaring.

For a moment, Jack fully believed that if she could breathe fire, he would have been incinerated.

“I will gut you while you sleep.”

He grinned, and Marie visibly swallowed. “My dear, don’t you remember I never back down from a challenge?”


This box set includes the following authors: THE CAPTAIN’S CAPTIVE by Victoria Vale RAVEN by Ashe Barker ROGUE BOOTY by Golden Angel THE BLOND DEVIL OF THE SEA by Celeste Barclay BOUGHT BY THE BUCCANEER by Vanessa Brooks TAKEN BY SIN by Sky Purington THE SEA WOLF by Lee Savino EDWARD’S LAW by Felicity Brandon PIRATE’S RUIN by Marie Hall OWNED BY THE PIRATE by Sue Lyndon and Celeste Jones TROUBLED WATERS by Jane Burrelli PURSUING HER PIRATE by Jaye Peaches HIS STOWAWAY by Measha Stone HIS WICKED WAYS by S. Cinders CUT AND THRUST by Simone Leigh PIRATE’S PLEASURE by Mariah Stone LADY EVANGELINE’S PIRATICAL PERSUASION by Emily Tilton *These romances contain wildly steamy scenes which some readers may find shocking*



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