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Pssst! It's Freebie Friday! Ahem, I mean Saturday (was free at the time of writing this post).

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When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. It's a pity they didn’t care to bless anything else. The Empress of the Throne of Flames is assassinated. Acting as a decoy to protect the next Empress, the undervalued Princess Nymira flees to the north. The journey is perilous and the once sheltered princess finds herself rescued by the Ice Lord, Zorren. He is the leader of the Iceari, the natural enemy to Firelanders. Zorren is reputed to be a ruthless leader and Mira fights the attraction that blazes between them, resulting in a clash of not only their wills but also their elements.

After all, fire and ice don’t mix. Or do they?



" Zorren rubbed his jaw, drawing my attention to the beginnings of a beard. “Are you afraid I will hurt you, Hellcat?”

“Yes,” I squeaked, promptly wincing at my response. Why had I admitted that? Why? Never reveal your opponent has the upper hand. Zorren released a sigh and he settled himself on the stump I had just occupied. Attempting not to intimidate me with his physical presence. In truth he wasn’t entirely successful, power leaked from his very pores but the fact he tried was a comfort.

“I will not,” Zorren impressed upon me and I snorted in disbelief. His lips twisted in a flash of wry amusement at the unladylike sound then it was gone. Leaving nothing but unyielding resolve. “Oh, I fully intend to ensure you don’t do anything so foolhardy again. I will redden that bottom, but I will not bruise you, break your bones or violate you. Do you understand?” My head bobbed up and down. “Use your words, Hellcat,” I pushed out a steadying breath and replied, “Yes.” The ice melted off my feet in the blink of an eye. A slight tug and despite my windmilling arms I fell over his knees. Zorren wasted no more words. His broad palm connected with my raised backside, the handprint burned through the layers of clothing. "

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