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Sub-Divided by Vanessa Brooks

Corbin’s Bend where the byword is tolerance - how can trust become an issue?

Are you getting ready for a new year and a new start! But are you planning to take the plunge, a new job, in a new place and all the challenges that entails especially when your partner is a Dominant? Meet Josie and Max in the latest episode of the Corbin's Bend Saga. Can Josie come to terms with her submissive nature and accept Max's dominance outside of the bedroom?

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A young couple about to discover a lifestyle set within a uniquely intimate community. A town set high up in the Rocky Mountains above Denver, Colorado.

In a town where the byword is tolerance, how does trust become an issue? When one odd piece of bad luck follows another, Josie Carter, questions her decision to live with her ex naval boyfriend, Max and move thousands of miles to where her beloved grandparents are living.

She soon wonders if she was foolish to try and emulate the close relationship between her grandparents. Perhaps a new version of an old fashioned marriage wasn’t for her after all?

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“I see before me a beautiful, submissive woman kneeling naked, in a position that opens her body to my gaze which shows me that she is willing to be dominated by me, her very lucky dominant. So how do I see my role as dominant? Well, I am in charge in the bedroom, yes, but ultimately I see myself in charge of our relationship. My role is to make sure my submissive woman is happy and well cared for, fulfilled but not simply in a sexual way. No, I want her to achieve whatever goals she sets out to attain. I want to support her through all her problems, offering her comfort and council. I want to love and protect her, respect and cherish her. In return I expect her to be respectful and submissive which is her gift to me, one that is freely given. A gift I will always treasure and be grateful for because without her submission, I cannot fulfill my own role as a dominant, loving man. Explain which part of that scenario you don’t want from me, Josie?”

She felt a lump form in her throat at his words because deep down she wanted everything he offered.

More about Vanessa...

International bestselling author Vanessa Brooks lives in Sussex, England. She has a lifelong passion for history, most especially English and American. She has written a couple of western tales, one notably for the Red Petticoat series which was such a huge success in America. Her Georgian series, Masterful Husbands, set in the 1700's also proved highly successful both sides of the Atlantic. Vanessa’s novels are generally historically based; she has a knack of bringing an authenticity to the era in which her novels are set. Vanessa carefully researches each time period and strives to ensure that any historical facts she uses are correct and that also applies to her contemporary works. More importantly, she likes writing entertaining books that her readers enjoy. She includes passion adventure, romance and domestic discipline, de rigueur within the eras of her popular novels. Read and enjoy but please leave a review!

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Vanessa x

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