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Are YOU Sitting Comfortably? By Bethany Leigh

Joining me today is Bethany Leigh, with her latest collection of spanking naughtiness Multiple heroines. Various misdeeds. Invariable punishment.

Sounds like fun! ;)


Are you sitting comfortably?

These ladies aren't, after defiance, hijinks, bad attitude and other misbehaviour lands them a trip across a stern partner's knee.

Penny’s husband Hayden wants to revive domestic discipline as well as romance as they travel around Australia. Penny isn’t so sure, but then she ignores an important instruction.

Lucy’s trying to trace a poison-pen writer and searching for an office to set up her own PI agency. Can she find a location boyfriend Noel approves of? (A standalone mystery featuring Lucy from At Dead of Night.)

Lady Helena has run away with her family’s footman after having a disastrous marriage declared void. How will she cope with life as lowly servant Nell? (Featuring two new characters from the Lady Margia/Freedom universe.)

Ruth is in love with the headmaster of the school where she works as a nurse. He seems unaware of her existence – until her madcap friend comes to stay, and a prank goes horribly wrong.

Enjoy eight short spanking stories, featuring feisty heroines from a range of genres – contemporary, mystery, historical and alt-history – all with one thing in common. They all have a man who knows just how to bring them back in line!

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A sneak peak... Noel picked up his mug of tea and sipped it, frowning. "How old is this lady?" he asked her.

"In her sixties."

"Then think about it. You in the shed, only an elderly lady between you and any nutter who decides to take a pop at you…"

"That's never happened!" she snapped. He raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, it's happened once."

"Working for Brian Dallow Detective Services shields you from a lot," he told her. "Working on your own… It's a completely different matter."

"So you don't want me working by myself at all?"

"I didn't say that."

"It sounded like it!"

"I'd just like it if whatever office space you rent had at least one bloke working nearby, somebody who could step in if anything happened."

"God, you're so patronising," Lucy said, exasperated. "I can look after myself, you know."

Noel grinned. "You," he said quietly, "can't stop me from taking you across my knee whenever I want to, so what if someone really wanted to harm you?"

"I could stop you if I really wanted to," Lucy retorted.

"Oh, yeah?" He grabbed her left arm and drew her towards his lap. She pummelled his arm and he grabbed her round the waist. She elbowed him in his ribs as he hauled her across his knee. "See?" he said, holding her down.

"I didn't fight properly because I didn't want to hurt you," she protested.

Noel chuckled. He tossed up her skirt and carefully pulled down her tights and knickers. He rested his hand on her right cheek.

"Oi," said Lucy. "Your hands are cold."

"Cold hands, warm arse," he laughed and whacked her. He continued slapping her, lightly at first, then gradually making each smack sharper. Lucy squirmed and protested as the spanks began to burn. He paused to rub her stinging buttocks, then started spanking again, harder, striking her sit-down spots, making her moan.

Author Bio Bethany Leigh is a writer of domestic dramas and detective stories spiced up with spankings and romance. Her books are: Freedom, set in an alternate Edwardian England; Betrothed, a short prequel to Freedom; At Dead of Night, a contemporary whodunit; and A Cure For All Ills, an anthology of short domestic discipline stories. All are published by Blushing Books.

Bethany lives in Australia. When she’s not writing, she likes hanging out with her family, catching up with friends over a wine or coffee, and spotting kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and other fabulous wildlife in the bush near her home.

Learn More About Bethany

Twitter: @writerbethany1

Amazon author page (which contains links to all Bethany’s books)

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