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WIP It Up Wednesday! Bride of Fire

Sharing a snippet from my never ending WIP (IT WILL END AT SOME POINT! I'm determined).

It's The Bride of Fire (Working Title) and this is where the hero and heroine are kind of half meeting for the first time, after a kind of rescue that wasn't a rescue. So what happens when an unconventional Fire Princess meets an Ice Lord.

" “Where have you been!” I jumped out of my skin, instantly dropping my bounty upon the ground. Spinning on the balls of my feet I whirled to face my assailant as flames leapt into my hands on instinct. Instead of bandits or slavers I found my rescuer glaring at me, rather menacingly in fact as I hesitantly extinguished my hands.

“You frightened me,” I accused my hand flattened over my chest as my heart attempted to burst out of my chest.

He closed the distance between us, “After disappearing from camp like that you deserve much more than being frightened.” He muttered hands planted on his lean hips.

His superior tone grated and I thrust my chin out defiantly, “I don’t see how it is any of your business.” I sniffed reaching to collect my lost bundle.

“Leave it, I’ll get it.”

“No it’s fine-” I started and instantly stopped as I sensed him kneeling beside me in the snow. My breath became uneven and every sense buzzed, very much aware of this his nearness. Hair’s stood to attention on my arms. It’s the cold I chided myself firmly reaching for the final piece and collided with his hand. A sharp shock traversed my arm and I jumped back. Promptly lost my balance and planted my backside in the snow. Heat rushed to my cheeks and I was surprised the snow hadn’t started to melt. Blue eyes twinkled and he offered me a hand as he straightened. I took it, grimacing as my side protested at the stretch.

“Are you hurt?”

“No.” I tried to snatch my hand back but he held on, turning me slightly. His heavy hand connected with my backside and I yelped as he dusted the snow off my backside with a little more vigor than strictly required. “Hey!” He grinned unrepentantly, with a final and in my opinion unnecessary swat that had me leaping forward he released me.

“That is a taster if you ever feel the need to leave camp again on your own without telling anyone.”My mouth dropped open as I vigorously rubbed the spot of that last one. It felt like his damn hand print had been branded into my cheek. “Y- You’re -you’re not serious?” I spluttered.

That blonde eyebrow rose a bit more, “Very. Is this how the slaver’s caught you unawares before?” My face heated and I quickly found something fascinating on the ground wishing it would swallow me whole. “I thought so.”

“B - But you can’t just lay hands on me.” I insisted. It just wasn’t done

“Those slavers would have done a lot worse to you I recall. Exercise some common sense and we won’t have to find out.”

How could I argue with that? It should have had me riling at him, but in all honesty I was so tired I didn't have the energy. I would be leaving immediately so there was absolutely no point fighting over it but as much as I was loathed to admit it, he was right. "


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