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Guest Post - Rendered by Sussannah Shannon

“Cass may be the cook, but Killian wields the wooden spoon.”

It's HERE! The next installment of The Cass Chronicles - I hope there are more! Just completed it at the weekend (must remember to leave a review when I have a spare minute). Cass is once again lovably putting her foot in it as she tries to navigate the next step of her career and come to terms with being a successful career woman who has a submissive side that she only shows to Killian.

Enjoy the excerpt and see it it wets your appetite.



Cass and her beloved Killian are in Chicago filming her new cooking show. Being the star of her own TV

show does not keep Cass Harper-Nelson from being herself which means she flies by the seat of her

(often rather toasty) pants. Her wit and down-to- earth manner has her making new friends and embracing a former enemy when she goes head to head with an adversary from her past. How does a conflicted, feisty submissive embrace all that life has to offer while dueling with Men’s Rights Activists? Trust her loving husband to make sure the beloved cook learns what happens when you jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Friends from Slick Trench, Alaska, visit and a new venture is embraced. Rendered features all the love,

heat, belly laughs and scrumptious recipes that are a feature of the Cass series.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women.

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“Bend over the bed and wait for your husband.”

Oh my. She stretched her back—she had a kink between her shoulders. The thought made

her giggle. “Kink in my ass, more like it.” She hesitated. She was still dressed, but he hadn't told

her to do anything about it. She grabbed a pillow and lay across it allowing her bottom to crest

sky high. She had to to stand on her toes to do this. Very vulnerable indeed. His thigh pressed

against her. “Good girl, very good girl.” He smoothed her skirt over her curves. His hands roved

over her and then with a suddenness that stole her breath, a hard spank landed on her left cheek.

He moved all over her bottom, hard and fast. She tried to control her breathing, to relax into it.

To surrender. How could something you wanted so much be so hard to do? Her ass was getting

hot and it was getting harder not to squirm. She was beginning to think she couldn't take

anymore when he suddenly stopped. He helped her stand. He kissed along her neck. He stripped

her. Efficiently and quietly.

Not a word was spoken. Her shirt and bra were tossed onto the chair. Skirt yanked down.

Panties peeled off. He kissed the side of her waist, taking his time moving the flat of his tongue

over her curves. He lifted her back unto the bed and buried his face between her legs, claiming

her with his mouth. She tried to be ladylike, but she failed, grinding up against him begging for

release. He gave it to her and she rode the orgasm like a tsunami. Her head was still spinning

when he turned her back over the pillow, her legs stretched out behind her. He kissed between

her shoulder blades, nipping the center cleft. His hands moved under her, cupping her breasts and

tweaking her nipples. She shuddered with desire. He settled on the edge of the bed and reached

over her. She felt the paddle make a circle on her flesh. The first slap was feather light. He was

arousing, not correcting. Little whaps against her warm skin. The leather grew warm and melded

with her skin, glowing. She was glowing, she felt it. Radiance poured from her heart, and

through her pussy. She felt her energy pulsing like the tide. She was aware of her connection to

her man and their being nestled by the universe. Love was powerful and she loved him so so

much. She became aware of Killian rubbing her back. “Cass? Baby? You with me?”

She nodded. She was on the edge of something huge. “More,” she whispered. “Please,

please. More.”

Author Bio

I live in the American midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny(well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.

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