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Will you be my Valentine?

After a longer hiatus than planned I'm BACK!

You'll be glad to know I'm one exam closer to becoming an accountant - Yay!

Also I have well and trusted bust the word counter for The Bride of Fire, to think I was worried about meeting 25,000 words hahaha (grinning somewhat sheepishly) I'm have at least 75,000 and will probably finish around the 90,000 - 100,000 mark.

I digress, a fabulous host of authors have another smoking boxset lined up for you!


Three hours. Four hard limits. Eight sexy stories. Are you brave enough to spin the wheel? Get ready to explore some of your naughtiest desires while you celebrate Valentine’s Day with eight kinky stories from eight USA Today and international bestselling authors! Black Light is the most exclusive BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and for one night they’re changing the rules of play to entertain their members with a game of chance – Valentine Roulette. Challenge and adventure awaits as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose how they will play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some of our daring participants… even a chance at love.

Available for purchase


A couple of Individual Blurbs

Unbroken by Maren Smith Abby didn’t know what she’d first done to get on club dominant Newton’s bad side, but she went out of her way to earn the dark glowering looks he so loved to give her. Newton had no idea what he’d done to deserve it, but for two long years mischievous sub Abby had gone out of her way to make his life at the clubs a living hell. Imagine her surprise when Newton also showed up with playbag in hand for Black Light’s first annual event. Imagine his dismay when he spun Abby’s name, attaching himself to her for the duration of the night. If he thought for one second he could break her… If she thought for one second he was going to put up with it… Valentine Roulette… let the games begin.

Maren Smith is an USA Today bestselling author with more than 20 years' worth of books in print. She is well known for both her slightly twisted sense of humor and her unhealthy love affair with coffee. ***

Unmasked by Lee Savino A ruthless master. A reluctant submissive.

Chessie hasn’t had an orgasm in a really, really long time, so when her roommate talks her into joining the Roulette game at a local BDSM club, she figures it’s worth a shot. What she doesn’t expect is to be paired with the handsome Senator Kane — a man she’s all too familiar with.

Can Chessie get over her prejudice against him — and her reluctance to submit to her inner desires — to achieve the pleasure she craves at the hands of Master Kane?

Lee Savino is an USA Today bestselling author of sexy, sexy romance living in Virginia with her husband and little boy. No matter what genre she writes in she loves to write books about strong women and the sexy men who love them.


Stripped by Sophie Kisker

Adam Quinn and Sari Friesen have been matched for Valentine Roulette. He likes her curves and her smile. She likes his dark eyes and his self-assured dominance. But life hasn’t been easy for either of them, and trust comes slowly.

If they can work together for three hours as dom and sub, through a hot wax scene, a whipping, and a capture fantasy, they’ll win the prize.

But the secret that one of them is keeping threatens to strip away the tenuous attraction that’s growing with every spank, whimper, and moan. At the end of the night, will there be anything left to salvage for a future?

Sophie Kisker is a bestselling author of erotic romance full of dominance and submission. They’re almost always dark, and sometimes uncomfortable, but they will always have a happy ending. She’s a true believer that romantic love and a riding crop make a great combination.


Bared by Measha Stone Riley can’t remember the last time she played with a Top she couldn’t manipulate. That’s the problem. She wants something more than topping from the bottom, and she’s convinced herself that the Valentine Roulette event is the place to find it. But when she’s paired up with her ex, her confidence waivers. Dane knows her too well, has been watching her for months, and he’s not going to give up this time. Will he be able to breach that wall she’s been building since she ran out on him all those years ago? Or will she run again, lose the game, and her chance at love?

Measha Stone is an author from the western suburbs of Chicago where she lives with her husband and children, who are just as creative and crazy as her. Her vanilla writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, but she’s found her passion in erotic romance.


Snippet: Jennifer Bene’s Wet Alexander took the steps slowly, each of his shining shoes landing heavily before he continued. Once he was on the floor, he paced around her slowly, and she shifted her posture to ensure she was presenting in a proper kneel. “You are beautiful, little girl.” Her teeth clenched, but she stayed silent, only letting out a gasp when he eased his fingers into her hair, gliding down to the back of her head before he gripped hard and made her look up at him. “I want to know more about you.” He smiled slowly, a look that she was sure charmed most of his submissives. “Tell me something.” “What would you like me to say, sir?” It was a plea for him to give her direction, to make it so she didn’t have to think, but he seemed determined to make her come up with her own answers. “I want to know you, little one. Tell me something you like or don’t like.” “I don’t like being called little girl, sir.” Sienna muttered, and he chuckled, tightening his fingers in her hair until little pinpricks of pain rushed over her skin. “I already know that, and I’m enjoying it very much, little girl.” Pulling her to her feet, he pushed her to the stairs so that she climbed them in front of him, the angle of her neck growing uncomfortable. “Tell me something I don’t know.” “Like what, sir?” she whispered, unsure what he was looking for as he planted her in the odd chair. Garreth had clearly slid it backwards on its track, because she was still able to put her feet on the floor for now, her toes just able to touch the damp edge of the cold tank. Alexander leaned down to brush his lips across her shoulder, nudging her hair out of the way as his mouth grazed her neck before stopping beside the shell of her ear. “Tell me anything. I want to get to know you.” Sienna found herself mute, because his intimate touch had sent her thoughts somewhere else, and it was hard enough to speak even when she was fully aware. No matter what he called her, Alexander was a Dom in the truest sense. It was evident in the sophisticated rumble of his voice, the commanding way he held his fist in her hair, and the possessive way he nipped at the skin just below her ear. “Speak,” he growled, and her lips parted at his command, but she couldn’t make words form. What would she even say? What could he possibly want to know about her? About her boring life? “You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically, releasing her hair to walk around her. With a firm grip he captured one ankle, lifting it to attach it to the cuff on the seat of the chair. “There’s only one problem with that…” Alexander came back to the other ankle, repeating the process so that her legs were folded in such a way that she seemed to be kneeling, thighs stretched wide, over the chair. “Sir?” she managed to ask, and he chuckled behind her. “I like to hear my subs talk, and you’re mine for the evening.” Capturing her wrists from where she’d been bracing on her legs, he pulled them to the back of the chair, cuffing them separately to either side so she couldn’t budge forward at all. “That means you’re going to talk, little girl. Even if I have to make you scream first.”

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