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Naughty Audio Books and Flawed Heroes

Hello writer fans!

Recently I've been reading Dark Skye by Kresely Cole, part of the immortal after dark series. An incredibly hot book that I enjoyed immense - (another one with epic world building)

I began to wonder how she could achieve such character depth while writing in third person.

I unfortunately my writing adapts depending what I'm reading at the time ... which makes continuity an absolute bitch can I just say. Any way, so I'm listening away to this audio book though it did feel somewhat bizarre when it got to panty melting scenes when I was in the middle of my day jobs office floor. It doesn't help they are narrated by Robert Petkoff who has a voice of a GOD! Swoon worthy doesn't even cover it. It's the type of voice that rumbles wicked things gently in your ear and makes you clench your thighs tight and curl your toes.

Ahem, I digress, so I'm listening away totally lapping up this book, it's an enemies to lovers plot line and the Hero kidnaps the heroine and is a total DICK (There are reasons), yet as the story progress I'm still routing for the pair of them. WHY?

I have first hand experience as to how hard it is to write a wounded hero who is ass but you pull for him and it all comes right in the end. SO why? It is the blend of mixing past history, explaining what has molded the characters in the past and knocking down each of those walls in turn.

She also does a deep third person prospective that bounces between the characters - Kresley is an absolute master at this, giving each character an individual voice yet it blends into a seamless story. This allows us to gain an internal prospective of the characters which I love, it is so balanced though you don't hurry to skip past to the character you are interested in.

I use to write in third person but it has been a while, (I began reading Ilona Andrews books and began experimenting with first person) and I'm finding it an hard habit to break but I think I might return to third for a shorter Historical Romance I'm dabbling with.

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