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Sat Spanks - "Go Boil Your Head!"

Happy Saturday!

Continuing on with Sats Spanks!

It is not exactly wise to mouth off to the Ice Lord when one is in a precarious position.


“Do you know why you are in this position?” Khatri’s tits, he wanted to talk now!

“Because you can’t abide being defied!” The unexpected wallop shattered the first inklings of pleasure and sent my cheeks bouncing. The sting increasing tenfold without clothing to mute it.

“Try again.”

I bared my teeth and snapped, “Because of your insufferable pride!” At the next searing swat tears dripped from the end of my nose.

“You’re making this more difficult than it has to be, Mira. Stop fighting me and accept you did something rather badly to deserve a correction,” he spoke calmly. How could he be calm? I was struggling to keep my composure and he was sounding like we were having a casual conversation. If I wasn’t allowed to be calm, neither should he.

“Go boil your head!” Zorren tensed beneath me.

“As you wish, Mira,” he responded almost regretfully as he shifted me forward, giving him greater access to the under curve of my bottom. For an eternity our little camp was filled with the crisp sound of flesh striking flesh and my own pitiful squeaks and whimpers. It hurt! All I could do is lay there and absorb Zorren’s displeasure, my toes drumming ineffectually on the ground. Oh, it hurt! “Why you are in this position, Mira?” he asked again. I bit my lip, twisting it between my teeth. I wouldn’t let him see me cry, determined to hang on to my dignity. He laid a couple of hard ones on and then moved to the opposite side. Repeating the pattern, I burst into tears, great big sobs wracking my body.

“Because I lied!” I wailed. “I deceived you and almost got myself killed.”


A little background with the blurb:

When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. It's a pity they didn’t care to bless anything else.

The Empress of the Throne of Flames is assassinated. Acting as a decoy to protect the next Empress, the undervalued Princess Nymira flees to the north. She must now carry the sacred sword, the symbol of her people and rejoin the Empress.

It is a mission Mira cannot fail but first, she must traverse the Western wastelands. The journey is perilous and the once sheltered princess finds herself rescued by the Ice Lord, Zorren. The leader of the Iceari, the natural enemy to Firelanders.

Zorren is reputed to be a ruthless leader and Mira fights the attraction that blazes between them. Resulting in a clash of not only their wills but also their elements. After all, fire and ice don’t mix. Or do they?


Want to find out more? Read the extended excerpt HERE


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