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Sat Spanks - Fevered Longings

Happy Saturday! To celebrate the release of Fevered Longings the exciting conclusion of the Bride of Fire Series I am once again taking part in Sat Spanks Blog hop! You want to find out how Mira & Zorren's tale began? Start HERE.


I still felt terrible. The guilt crawled in me like a nest of insects. I didn’t look up when the door opened, too absorbed with wallowing in my misery or when the bed dipped with Zorren’s weight. One large hand glided between my taut shoulder blades.

“M-ir-a,” he murmured in my ear. “Come out, you can’t hide from me.” I shook my head and smooshed my face closer into the covers. He sighed and his hand cracked down upon my bottom. Yowling like a scalded cat, my head shot up and I glared at his smile. “There are those beautiful eyes.”

“What was that for?” I snapped, vigorously rubbing the injured spot.

“I want to see your face when we are speaking not the back of your head.” His hand snuck under the fanciful net, fingers weaving through my thick hair to control my head. When I tried to turn away Zorren kept me anchored with the slightest tug. A clear message that he would not give me leave to hide from him


A little background with the blurb

When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. Pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

Mira had hoped she might find happiness in the arms of the Ice Lord. She was wrong. Political forces have driven them apart and the consequences are devastating for the fated mates. Despite all the past hurt and misunderstandings her fever for the infuriating man has not been extinguished, no matter how much she wished it.

Zorren never feared the cold until he’d tasted Mira’s warmth and passion. Mira is his and he is determined to claim her and restore her to her rightful place beside him: on the throne, in his life and in his bed. Now if only the little firebrand would cease her fruitless attempts to drive him away.

With rumblings in the South and conspiracy in the Iceari Court, Mira and Zorren need to present a united front more than ever. Are they brave enough to seize their second chance? Can they rebuild their trust and allow their love to blossom. Or will it be strangled by resentment and stubborn pride?


Want to find out more? Read the extended excerpt HERE


Want to read more about Mira & Zorren?

Start at the beginning of their tale!

Hidden Embers (Bride of Fire Book 1)


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