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Give me a Cowboy EVERYTIME - It's SatSpanks Blog Hop!

Another Happy Saturday!

I'M BACK! I had such a great time that I decided to do it again!

So here is another little teaser, picking up where we left off with another snippet from Mustang Wild.

Aideen is trying to keep Bryce at arms length, but not going about it the right way. Emotions are running high and this stubborn cowboy is not about to let her hurt herself further just to prove a point as they pull the final rodeo event.


" Five stinging spanks on each cheek with his large hand somehow managing to totally cover each wiggling globe. He dumped me back in the chair propped up my foot and stuck the ice back over my knee. Placing his hands on the arms of my chair, he leaned down and I stared straight into his stormy eyes. "Sit there and rest your knee or so help me you will be one very sorry little girl." He placed a kiss on my forehead. I had nowhere to go to escape his lips. "I'll go tell the judges that you're not competing. I'll see you after and take you to supper."

It took a moment for the shock to wear off, I threw the ice on the floor and stuffed my foot back in to my boot. "I'm off, Jed are you okay to wrap things up at the end."

"Sure, though I don't think your beau will be too happy when he finds out."

I turned promptly stabbing my finger in his direction. "He is not my anything!" He held his hands up in surrender though there was an amused glint in his eye that sent my temper sky rocketing. "And if he comes within ten yards of me, I will castrate him where he stands with a blunt rusty knife."

At which point, Jed slapped his thigh doubling over with mirth. "That is not a man to be crossed, but I reckon you will find that out." "



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