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Masterful Husbands Tame Their Wives by Vanessa Brooks

Five books under one cover!

Vanessa Brooks has been at it again and this time combine her risqué Georgian series in ONE ultimate boxset! The naughty ladies of the spanked wives society manage to get themselves embroiled in yet another tangled mess.

Includes: His Colonial Rose, Sir Thomas's Bride, The Colonel's Bride, Viscount Weston's Bride and The Smuggler's Bride.

Available on kindle unlimted!



Four dominant gentlemen of the British aristocracy.

Lords’ who know how to tame a wife.

Naughty ladies getting up to wicked deeds and pay the price across their masterful husbands’ sturdy thighs.

Does this daunt their womanly ardour or their zest for life?


If you love a dash of humour, a spot of steamy romance and a cast of Lords and Ladies to enjoy with your cuppa, then this is the book for you!

Available for purchase


Pounding, plundering, he possessed and claimed her with his manhood. He made it clear as he rode her that he was her master and she would yield to his authority. “Mine,” he growled into her ear with primeval lust. She melted, lying in a compliant puddle of submission beneath him. This was what she needed and desired, her man conquering her passion, tempering her wild spirit, whilst allowing her to fly free, held securely within his arms.

More about Vanessa...

International bestselling author Vanessa Brooks lives in Sussex England. She has a lifelong love of history, most especially English and American. She has written a couple of western tales, one notably for the Red Petticoat series which was such a huge success in America. Her Georgian series, Masterful Husbands, set in the 1700's also proved highly successful both sides of the Atlantic. Vanessa’s novels are generally historically based; she has a knack of bringing an authenticity to the era in which her novels are set. Vanessa carefully researches each time period and strives to ensure that any historical facts she uses are correct. More importantly, she likes writing entertaining books that her readers enjoy. She includes passion adventure, romance and domestic discipline, de rigueur within the eras of her popular novels. If you read it and enjoyed it, then please leave me a review!

Thank you!

Vanessa x

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