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Happy Saturday!

I've been feeling a smidgen nostalgic recently and started rereading my first book, Mustang Wild. It is my intention to return to these characters at some point but the next book I have a feeling it will require, dare I say it, plotting *shudder*.

Until then enjoy a stern, firm handed cowboy and the feisty filly he is attempting to tame. The dynamic between my hero and heroine has just change and the walls are starting to tumbled. Of course it isn't going to be that easy with Aideen and she is determined to fight it!


" "You need someone to check your destructive impulsive behavior. We are in a dangerous line of work but some chances shouldn't be taken. Can you understand that?"

I threw my head back and laughed in his face. "I thought you wanted to be my lover not my father. I think you have the job descriptions mixed up." His patience at an end, he tipped me over his thigh with dizzying speed.

"You also seem to have forgotten what I promised would happen if you so much as moved an inch out of bed and since you have deemed yourself fit for active duty," he droned on above me as I wiggled like a damned worm on a hook. He might as well have been made of steel for all the give he had.

"Ha! Blame it on the concussion!" His hand came down on my upturned butt for my trouble."

And I don't want to be your lover." He punctuated each word with a sharp slap, rocking me forward as I locked my teeth around my bottom lip. "I want to be your partner, but I will call you out each and every time you do something foolhardy, reckless and dangerous. You run rough shod over everyone else with that temper of yours but it won't work on me." "


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