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A Firm Handed Cowboy

Happy Saturday!

Still feeling my western vibe so continuing on from last week.

Aideen is fighting her her emotions, she is hurt and angry to the point beyond seeing reason. But even if that is the case it is never a good idea to mouth off to a firm handed cowboy. And if you do... well don't expect to be sitting comfortably anytime soon.


"I screamed in pure utter frustration, kicking my feet. "I hate you! I hate you, you fucking bastard!" He threw his long leg over mine effectively stopping my kicking.

"My woman doesn't use language like that and you certainly know better, little lady." His tone was icy.

"Fuck you! I'm not your woman. Not now or ever fucking again!" Overkill. It wasn't smart but I was too twisted up to see straight, everything hurt and was too raw. He paused for a second and I let out my breath thinking it was over. I couldn't have been more wrong. His fingers hooked into the waist band of my panties and tugged them down to the top of my thighs. Cool air caressed my hot bottom as I blushed at what he could see. I snapped my legs together and squeezed them tighter, wanting the ground to swallow me up.

"Don't bother clenching, sweetheart," he drawled in that voice he knew irritated me. "I've seen it all before." To emphasise his point, he applied hard smacks to the undersides of my cheeks where my bottom met thigh. Yes, he had and a lump formed in my throat. That made me even angrier. I dug my nails into his leg, trying and failing to get traction. I managed to pull myself forwards about an inch, maybe two, before he clamped me tighter and I realised I'd just presented the perfect target, giving him perfect access. "


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