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Sat Spanks - Playing with Fire

Happy Saturday!

Playing with Fire, Book 2 Bride Fire Series, has officially been released!

Mira and Zorren's story if far from finished and to celebrate I'm giving to a cheeky peek. The gloves are off in this one as Mira and Zorren lock horns and go head to head. Sometimes a Firelander princess just doesn't know when to quite while she is ahead.


“Though if this is regarding Lady Ishmael’s newly re-shapened nose, I’m not interested in discussing it further.” My hand perched on my hip as I viewed my adversary. “I am not available for an audience today, my lord, perhaps we can reschedule for another day?” I chirped and rather helpfully I thought too. You could have heard a pin drop. “An audience?” he whispered ominously, incredulous that I would not perform when commanded “An audience. You. Are. My. Mate.” “Stop being tedious, I thought we had settled this.” I wiped my hands, paying him no mind. “I am not your mate,” I enunciated clearly. “I am Her Serene Highness Princess Nymira of the House Pyria. Forced into your presence by unfortunate circumstances, but ones I will rectify as soon as I am able, you can be sure of that.” For someone who prided myself on my discretion and restraint, I was determined to dig myself into a hole. Unable to still my runaway tongue, I added, “My lord.” I quickly inclined my head with false politeness and as protocol dictated. Zorren ground his teeth. “Now, Mira.” I just didn't know when to cut my losses. “I do not answer to that name, Ice Lord.” Heat flared in my cheeks and temper snapped in my eyes. “Nor do I answer to you.” A muscle jumped in Zorren’s jaw and he crossed his arms across the great expanse of chest. “Is that so?” he challenged, head cocked to one side, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. It was a challenge I was more than ready to answer, and I met him glare for glare. When his fingers started drumming a quick tattoo upon the gold band of his bicep, I cursed his stubbornness.


A little background with the blurb:

When the gods breathed life into us they blessed us with an element, a pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

Princess Nymira’s life changed forever when a coup forced her to flee north and in doing so she found herself mated to Zorren, the formidable Ice Lord. Their instant connection is undeniable but their budding relationship is not without challenges.

Mira must now face the open hostility of a foreign court as she attempts to carve out a niche at Zorren’s side. New enemies work tirelessly to drive a wedge between the newly mated pair and their tentative bond of trust is tested to the limit. Are Mira and Zorren strong enough to withstand the storm or will her most guarded secret drive them apart?



Want to find out more? Read the extended excerpt HERE


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