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Sat Spanks - Consequences

Happy Saturday! I'm continuing where I left off from last weekend. Once fiesty firelander Princess had systematically pushed every one of Zorren's buttons and now it is time to reap the consequences of her actions. You want to find out how it all began? Start HERE.


"We are going to have a very long conversation about your behavior today.” He sat and lowered me so I was trapped between his strong thighs.

“You do not have a say on it, my lord,” The coldness of my tone should have frostbitten his protruding appendages. My eyes narrowed. All, his protruding appendages.

Unperturbed and clasping my wrists, Zorren continued, “My lady,” Emphasizing the title to needle me and it worked. “Why did you have a physical altercation with the Lady Ishmael?”

“The correct way to address me is your Serene Highness-” His broad palm cracked sharply against my backside. A squeak of surprise burst from my lips, even through the layers it burned. I wriggled with all my might, but I was well and truly trapped, the muscles in his thighs tensing to keep me fixed. “Enough of your games, Mira, my patience wanes. We are going to have a sensible conversation.” Rearing my head back I glared, wishing I had the power to incinerate him on the spot.

“Are you ever capable of a sensible conversation?” I congratulated myself for that particular insult. A split second later his hand came down again and connected with the same injured spot. “Stop that!” Wiggling my hips to shake off the sting.

"Mira,” he warned, my name filled with a wealth of meaning. Zorren’s palm rubbing in a circular motion the sting waned, did I just push my hips back? Surely not? Caught off balance I shifted from foot to foot, desperate to put distance between us.


A little background with the blurb

When the gods breathed life into us they blessed us with an element, a pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

Princess Nymira’s life changed forever when a coup forced her to flee north and in doing so she found herself mated to Zorren, the formidable Ice Lord. Their instant connection is undeniable but their budding relationship is not without challenges.

Mira must now face the open hostility of a foreign court as she attempts to carve out a niche at Zorren’s side. New enemies work tirelessly to drive a wedge between the newly mated pair and their tentative bond of trust is tested to the limit. Are Mira and Zorren strong enough to withstand the storm or will her most guarded secret drive them apart?



Want to find out more? Read the extended excerpt HERE


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Start at the beginning of their tale!

Hidden Embers (Bride of Fire Book 1)


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