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Sat Spanks - Take me

Happy Saturday! That can only mean one thing, it's time for Sats Spanks! I'm finishing the scene I've been dripped feeding for the past 2 weeks from Fevered Longings, the exciting conclusion of the Bride of Fire Series. You want to find out how Mira & Zorren's tale began? Start HERE.


“Still feel it’s your fault?” Mangling my bottom lip, I wrapped my arms around a pillow and nodded. “Use your words, Hellcat,” he commanded. I shrank inside, the guilt eating me alive.

“Yes,” I whined. Not going easy on me Zorren lit up the under-curve of my buttock and I was pleased I had the pillow muffling my sob. That was harder than normal and the sharp pain sliced through my dark emotions. I bit the corner of the pillow as my opposite side received the same treatment. Oh, that stung! The spanking itself was short and to the point, designed to reach past my selfreproach and pity. My bottom throbbed, it may have only been twenty spanks or so but Zorren made sure I felt every single one. His hands soothed the heated flesh and I hissed.

“Feeling better?” I blinked, wiping my tear stained cheek, I did actually.

“Yes.” I sucked in a breath the pain cathartic and unlocking my guilt, I felt so much lighter it was nearly indescribable unless you had experienced it yourself. “Good.” His hand cooled and I sighed with relief as he negated the burning. The cold and heat merged and I pressed my thighs together and my bottom up as a familiar ache began.

I pushed myself up and sought his mouth. “Take me,” I whispered against his lips, reaching down to cup him. I wanted to feel Zorren, to feel his strength and our connection. “Claim me.” I nipped his lip and it kicked him into action. His eyes sparked. “Bend over the bed,” he rumbled and a delicious shiver danced through me. Tucking the pillow under my hips, I bent over the bed with my skirts bunched around my body. My back arching and hollowing in blatant offering. Zorren’s teeth scraped over the nape of my neck and every inch of my body sizzled with awareness, startled awake. Parting my legs, cool air collided with my overheated, throbbing center. I wiggled in anticipation. Empty and impatient. “I need you inside me.” Cupping me, his fingers teased my curls, a lone finger grazing over my bud. I bit the inside of my cheek, hands curled into the bedding. Peeking over my shoulder I smiled in invitation. Hungry eyes devoured me and his arousal brushed the back of my thighs. My breath hitched. Finally— Another knock sounded at the door, I buried my head into the mattress and groaned. Noo, could their timing be any worse? Pushing away, Zorren growled under his breath, promising to decapitate the poor unsuspecting person.


A little background with the blurb

When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. Pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

Mira had hoped she might find happiness in the arms of the Ice Lord. She was wrong. Political forces have driven them apart and the consequences are devastating for the fated mates. Despite all the past hurt and misunderstandings her fever for the infuriating man has not been extinguished, no matter how much she wished it.

Zorren never feared the cold until he’d tasted Mira’s warmth and passion. Mira is his and he is determined to claim her and restore her to her rightful place beside him: on the throne, in his life and in his bed. Now if only the little firebrand would cease her fruitless attempts to drive him away.

With rumblings in the South and conspiracy in the Iceari Court, Mira and Zorren need to present a united front more than ever. Are they brave enough to seize their second chance? Can they rebuild their trust and allow their love to blossom. Or will it be strangled by resentment and stubborn pride?


Want to find out more? Read the extended excerpt HERE


Want to read more about Mira & Zorren?

Start at the beginning of their tale!

Hidden Embers (Bride of Fire Book 1)


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